Information for Sellers of Used Equipment

How do I List used Equipment on UIVR Engineers?

Update the Equipment for Sale format.
Make the Payment
Save the Invoice Number for future reference
UIVR Engineers will display the Equipment

I don’t want to display Equipment after paying, will I get a refund?

This is a sale of advertising space, hence is not refundable.

I want to stop listing of my Equipment before 365 days are finished?

Please eMail to us, mention the Invoice Number and Invoice Date, requesting us to stop listing the equipment.

Will the Buyer know my entity?

Yes the buyer will know the Identity you mention in the form for display of Equipment.

Can I change the Equipment during the 365 days period?

The Equipment cannot be changed.

Can I change the Picture of the Equipement?

The image of the Equipment cannot be changed.

Information for Buyers of Value Added Services

How do I get more information regarding Value Added Services?

Please write an eMail to UIVR Engineers

What are the charges for Value Added Services?

These charges are based on evaluation of work content, please write an eMail to UIVR Engineers.