Information for Buyers of Business entity

How do I get more information on a business for sale?

Contact us by selecting the option in the listing

Do I need to have an agreement with the seller?

Before sharing further information, some Sellers may
- Request & validate buyer’s credentials
- Sign an NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) to protect their interest from competitors, media etc

As a Buyer for Business, how to register at UIVR Engineers?

Buyers for Business need not register with UIVR Engineers

I have forgotten my email ID for the previous registration!

No problems with that, please register yourself again.

No response from UIVR Engineers!

We strive to keep our users updated and respond promptly, however, being popular keeps us on our toes. We will revert to you, please write to us again.

Information for Sellers of Business Entity

What is the procedure for Listing my Business for Sale?

Kindly update the registration for business form, make the payment as per the price list. Upon receipt of the application and payment, our representative will speak with you and thereafter, display your business on the site.

What are the charges for Listing the Business for Sale?

Charges for selling a business are explained in the Price Policy.

Can I get a refund?

We are an advertising service just like a newspaper or any other advertising venue. Once an advert is placed there regrettably cannot be any refund.

How do I keep myself anonymous while posting a listing?

We understand that selling a business is a sensitive process. Please note that we will not disclose your business and or your identity. A unique ID, shared with you, will identify your business in out listing.
As a policy, before disclosing identity of the unique ID, a NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) will be signed with the prospective buyer, only after your approval.

When will my listing expire?

The listing will be displayed till you request for it’s removal or 365 days from the date of first posting, whichever is earlier.